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What I do as a doula


Prenatally, I work with parents to understand their desires for the birth of their baby. We talk about their options and choices and how I may support them during labor and postpartum. We practice coping techniques and exercises that can help both now and during labor. We talk about advocacy and informed decision making. I strive to provide individualized care to every birthing person and their family. I am available for my clients for unlimited informational and emotional support.


During the birth, I come when you need me. I stay with you the entire labor, helping with coping, relaxing, massage, changing positions, and so much more! I work together with your birth partner to comfort and support you. I don't leave until everyone is settled and comfortable with the new little munchkin.


For postpartum care, I come and check on your new family to make sure that you are getting settled comfortably and happily in your home. I want to help the transition to life with your precious babe as grace-filled and gentle as can be.


A Little About Me

I was born and raised here in Alaska, living in Soldotna for most of my life. I left Alaska after high school to pursue my Bachelors in Social Work at George Fox University. My heart has always been to serve and work with people, but I was unsure of where that would take me before I discovered my love for birth and motherhood. In Oregon, I met my husband and had our first child. We moved back to Alaska in 2017 and are now fully settled in with our two children and dog, Kes. 

My journey into birth work began before the birth of my eldest when three of my sisters became pregnant at the same time. Through their journeys, I was immersed into a world of excitement, joy, and unknowing. I began to read and research all that I could about pregnancy and birth. As I walked alongside these strong women, I realized that there is something missing in our culture's prenatal care. There is a gap between the medical care a woman often receives from her doctor and the holistic support she deserves. This is what drew me into birth work. I decided to train as a doula in 2016 with Birth Arts International. In the fall of 2021, I trained with Birthing From Within as a childbirth educator and birth doula. Currently, I am finishing up the certification process for both. I want to be an advocate for women and families. Pregnancy and motherhood should be a time of growth, anticipation, excitement, and joy, NOT fear and anxiety!  

I believe in the power of birth. 

Birth has the power to uplift, encourage, and prepare a new parent for the journey ahead. It has the ability to empower a new mother to make difficult decisions for herself, her child, and her family. It transforms men and women into fathers and mothers, from individuals into caretakers of the future. 

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