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Birthing From Within

Birthing From Within (BFW) professionals know that authentic birth preparation begins within. BFW views pregnancy, birth, and postpartum as a sacred rite of passage. As such, these classes offer practical knowledge together with embodied practices based on self-discovery which encourage parents to dig a little deeper into their desires, fears, and expectations surrounding childbearing. Through this process, parents discover a deeper internal knowing, a road map through the ups and downs of childbirth and parenthood so that even when you are unsure of what to do next, you can find a way through.


Postpartum Healing Workshop

Join local birth doula and childbirth educator Delissa Owen and midwife Chelsea Campbell as they explore the postpartum period and ways to support healing.  This class is useful at any point in pregnancy, it’s never too early to learn about postpartum!  Anyone is welcome, even those who are not pregnant but would still love to learn.


Come make your own Sitz bath herb satchels to use during postpartum and learn about the herbs we use. You will learn about postpartum recovery and common issues that may arise.  Start to develop your plan for rest, recovery, and healing today!

BFW Childbirth Class

Together we will look at perceptions of pain, learn how the body and mind interact and function during childbirth and postpartum, practice techniques to help cope with the intensity of labor, and explore informed decision making. We will engage in practices to help deepen your understanding of labor, birth and postpartum, including the use of art processes. Partners will gain an understanding of their role and how to support the birthing person. Come with me as we honor childbirth as a profound rite of passage into parenthood. 

This class is ideal for you if:

-You're looking for a deeper experience

-You want to learn practical techniques for coping 

-You're open to learning new things and engaging with new ideas

-You want to strengthen your connection with your partner

-You're intrigued by the idea of birth as a rite of passage

March Series, Saturdays
3/16, 3/23, 3/30 9:30am-1pm
Cook Inletkeeper
Community Action Studio
35911 Kenai Spur #13 Soldotna, AK 99669
Cost: $200
plus tax
*cost includes partner or birth companion*

Looking for additional services or trying to add a class to your birth package? Click here for more details.

Still unsure? Contact me for more info.


Private Classes

Can't find a group class that fits your schedule? Looking for a more personal approach to education? Private classes are available! Contact me for more information and options for a private class. 

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